Monday, December 24, 2012

If I See You on the Street You'd Better Run

The above pictures were taken in this small place called Little White Cafe in Bangi. The place has a really warm and cozy setting, much like eating at someone's home. The food wasn't bad either.

* * *

I've been immersing myself heavily in the tracks from 'year-end lists', and all I can say is, I am completely weary of it. The songs are the same machine generated music and it's beginning to feel worn out. I already know the music that summed up 2012 for me and will be sharing it maybe later next week. But for now, here is a track and consequently an album that only had my conviction the second time around I gave it a listen. I've discovered that Chairlift's Something is an album that needs to be taken with a huge dose of 80s mentality. Once you've got that pat down, the rest as they say, will simply fall into place.

» Listen to Sidewalk Safari here.