Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I've Got a War in My Mind

Kicking into 2013, I've decided to take one last look back on 2012. Though it was one hell of a ride, it didn't turn out to be a disappointing year musically,either. The first half of the year was where I cultivated my love for the music of Tennis, while the second half, was just filled with aimless wondering and helpless fumbling in the dark. It wasn't till the very last days of 2012, that I finally found refuge in the music of Miss Lana Del Ray.

My love for her music was gradual, a slow process that still continues to grow. But I discovered that the main reason her music resonated with me, was that in my daily struggle of living a life of quiet desperation, her cool, indifferent nonchalance spoke volume. It was both odd and familiar all at once.

» Listen to Ride here.

But that aside, I would also like to share that I will be making a short film soon, and am currently looking for any interested actors to play in the film. To those who are currently residing in Malaysia, can just drop me an email at I look forward to hearing from you.