Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'll be lying face down in an empty pool

If there’s one thing I resent since I’ve started working, is the less time (or opportunity) I have to be able to listen to music. Judging from the volume of mp3s that I keep under my care, not even an idle moment should be wasted without indulging in a song or two. Apparently, there are simply too many songs and records that are still waiting in line for a glimmer of acknowledgment. Not to mention how I’ve also been feeling left out of the loop of new music updates. But work has been a major source of distraction, so I am grateful for this major turn of event in my life.

There’s still much for me to learn about Brooklyn’s band Arms; whose also known as Todd Goldstein, the guitarist of the now defunct Harlem Shakes'. Their tune ‘Heat & Hot Water’ however, has been dominating my playlist ever since the journey started down the employment route. It’s that song that stays constant all through time, accurately capturing that single, specific moment. Whenever I put it on again, it will instantly bring me back to that point in life in a flash of a second, with memories still resolutely intact. With the spirit it carries and the building feeling it conveys, there’s no perfect tune to mark or remind you of that new significant chapter in your life. Maybe I’m over analyzing the real worth of the tune (or possibly this whole job thing). Either way, I’d still love it if you guys took a moment to take a listen to this song.

|mp3|    Arms – Heat and Hot Water

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