Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well here’s a band whose debut album is slated to hit the shelves, if I'm not mistaken, by the end of this year (which is too long a wait for me), but has already been seen floating around the internet all wrapped up and shiny for yours to keep. Hmmm…too bad on the band’s part unfortunately. But on the bright side, if to remain optimistic was permissible, their recently released debut single called ‘Bermuda’ implies greater things to come. The track is a wistful breeze, an ethereal pop number that sounds as though it’s linked to the Balearic scene. Awashed in feel-good 80s synths and peppered with indie-pop vocal that could be mistaken for Swedish crooner, Jens Lekman, this is one tune that perfectly reflects that allure of summer. Reminds me so much of Boat Club too. Remember them?

Kisses is a band from Los Angeles and is made up from one half (third??) of the band Princeton. Ring any bells?

|mp3|    Kisses - Bermuda

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