Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pantha du Prince

Listening to music very much in vein to this one, I like to think, allows you to enjoy music at a more cerebral level. It may not necessarily adapt well into your daily fixture, as it provides a more introspective listening experience, but it would be impossible not to fall under it's mesmerizing spell. The music by German musician, Hendrik Weber, also known as Pantha du Prince has been classified as quite a few things; minimal techno is one of them, other times (as referred by yours truly himself) it’s also known as “sonic house”. I just call it ambient electronica, simply for the atmosphere it envelopes you in and the visuals that it evokes with the maximum of ease. You will come to relish his works for a number of reasons. The amount of inspirations, and images, and ideas that you are able to draw out of the music alone are simply tremendous-- the creative crowd will be appreciative.  Plus, the visual equivalent and expressions that have been associated with the tracks, specifically in his latest release Black Noise would be more than enough to hold your interest. Such as:
“..These elegant orchestrations of techno beats and sinous, looped melodies suggest an aural equivalent of time-lapse photography” (Guardian)

“.. Pantha wants you to sit down and gaze at a starry sky. It’s minimal techno made by someone in love with nature..” (tinymixtapes)
Mmmm..bliss. Now on to the really good stuff:

|mp3|    Pantha du Prince - The Splendour
|mp3|    Pantha du Prince - Bohemian Forest
|mp3|    Pantha du Prince - Stick to My Side

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