Tuesday, April 06, 2010


 It’s hard for me to get back into the swing of things since I’ve left the blog unattended for quite awhile now (I can’t imagine how many readers I’ve gained and lost during that period of time nor do I even want to). So yeah, my writing has gone a little rusty and I may not be as eloquent as you’d want me to be. But that shouldn’t deter my usual spirits of discovering new (not to mention, amazing!) music, which have consequently resulted in me wanting, nay, needing to tell somebody about it. Right?

‘Fuuuuck, this is good’ was my initial reaction upon listening to Javelin’s dance number, ‘Lindsay Brohan’, which I think served the purpose quite well because it is that good, with no other explanation necessary.  Or it could also be because I wouldn’t know how to describe the spectacular-ness of this tune. I’d rather just leave it to these guys:
 "Lindsay Brohan" (second coolest song title of the year, next to Neon Indian's "Terminally Chill") bounces around all over the place across a pretty massive synthpop soundscape: cowbell percussion, watery backdrops, and one hell of a chopped up tropical synth melody. It's just about as catchy as any of the "chillwave" stuff that came out this year, without the lo-fi quality and almost plagiaristic use of samples that plague a lot of those bro-fi efforts. (via IGiF)
Javelin is a Brooklyn-based electronic duo with a full-length debut album called No Mas soon to be released this 20th of April. 

|mp3|    Javelin - Lindsay Brohan

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