Thursday, April 08, 2010

Eternal Summers

Amidst all the shiny, polished pop songs, it’s refreshing to hear something that doesn’t feel overproduced; something that oozes with a certain scruffy charm. There’s something about the lo-fi/beach pop aesthetics that just never gets old for me. I could listen to songs that inhabit this side of the music genre for weeks on end and possibly, never get tired of it. But that said, Eternal Summers aren’t really a band who’s championing the lo-fi movement, although their brand of jangly punk rock could easily be mistaken for the latter.

I’m loving their new 8 track EP that’s been garnering plenty of positive responses from bloggers everywhere. But it’s the second track that’s been getting most of my attention:
For example, behold “Fall Straight Back,” a truly wonderful pop song made from the humblest materials, a macaroni necklace that glistens like a strand of diamonds. Backed by a couple of dutifully strummed power chords and a simple, steady beat, Nicole Yun leads the way to a chorus that pleads, heartbreakingly, “Please don’t leave me out of your plans.” (via cokemachineglow)
Lovely. Okay, now you give it a try:

|mp3|    Eternal Summers - Fall Straight Back

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