Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Wentletraps

Here’s another band I learnt via Skatterbrain (it's just an awwthum blog, ok?); a Filipino duo called the Wentletraps that conjures soft, delicate, dreamy pop songs fit for playing during those cold rainy days. I love how some of the songs has a slightly Grouper-esque feel to it, although in a more accessible and less otherworldly way. It’s that wistful, whispering vocal delivery awash with mellow acoustic strums of blurred-beauty that makes you want to cozy up against its soothing backdrop. I also highly recommend that you set aside some quality time to visit their MySpace page and take a listen to some of their other and newer songs that warrant your attention. For now here are three to start off with:

|mp3| The Wentletraps - Ceilings Too High
|mp3| The Wentletraps - Pure
|mp3| The Wentletraps - The Rain Knows

:: The Wentletraps ::

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