Saturday, September 05, 2009

Covers, B-Sides, and Rarities: Zee Avi's "First of the Gang to Die"

This could just be an excuse to finally acknowledge and write about the Malaysian-born singer Zee Avi. I have to admit, I wasn't truly in awe of the music at first listen, but now that I've finally come around to it, I realized that she sure has a knack for penning whimsical, light-hearted tunes worthy of several spins. However, I recently learnt that the one song I admired the most turned out to be a cover version of a Morrissey song. And to think that all this while I've been swooning with admiration over her deft display of song-writing skills. But that said, give me Zee Avi's lovely and subtle rendition of 'First Gang to Die' any day over the original.

The original version does own its merits, what with the catchy guitar pop music playing in the background. But as soon as the chorus emerge, it sounds a bit too Morrissey being his usual Morrissey self for me. Whatever that means. No offense Morrissey fans.

Compare and contrast!

|mp3| Morrissey - First of the Gang to Die
|mp3| Zee Avi - First of the Gang to Die