Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Botticellis

Via Antenna Farm Records:
The Botticellis have an obsession with pop music, melodic songwriting and the cinematic sounds of yesteryear, but they’re not lost in some oldies Neverland. On Old Home Movies, the quintet gives us ten luminous snapshots of sun-bleached memories. The vision is uniquely Californian, and while their music basks in the warmth of the Sunshine State personified by The Beach Boys, it’s also steeped in the shadows and queasy uncertainty of Raymond Chandler.

It's a pretty darn fitting introduction for a pretty darn incredible band. ‘California sun’, ‘summery’, ‘glowing’ are some of the many words used to describe the five piece, the Botticellis. On the band’s debut release, Old Home Movies, they offer listeners a stunning collection of sweeping surf-pop melodies reminiscent of Beach Boys. Old Home Movies is beautifully orchestrated, oozing a gentle, comforting atmosphere that’ll leave you wanting to nestle warmly against the fluid, smooth soundscapes. Vocals that feels slightly out of focus and shimmering instruments that accompany, makes these pop creations some of the sweetest and most wonderfully romantic your ears has ever been exposed to in quite a while. I’m just going to assume that the record was released this year (I really can’t say for sure) because I ‘m dying to include it in my 2008’s best album’s list.

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|mp3| The Botticellis - Old Home Movies
|mp3| The Botticellis - Stay With My Brother

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