Thursday, December 25, 2008

Boat Club

The oh so catchy and breezy melodies in the music of Boat Club recalls the warm, windy, sunny beachside. As much as the songs offered by this music duo from Gothernburg, Sweden may lean closer towards the sound of Ibiza dance-pop (an Island Calypso pop thingy) it draws as much influences from lo-fi dream pop and Shoegaze whenever it needs to. Breathy, muffled laments anchors the reflective, bittersweet melancholy rendering the creations into sheer quality listening. It all sounds quite the stale, 80s induced, synth-pop, but it’s also equal part ‘pure heartfelt bliss’. So what more could you want?

|mp3| Boat Club - Always Away
|mp3| Boat Club - Memories
|mp3| Boat Club - Warmer Climes

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