Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #62

Sweet is an overly used term to describe music all across these pages, but that’s only due to the heavy flooding of music that’s simple enough to be described by associating it with the overly used term. The idea of indie-pop duo, Ponies in the Surf, first came about after Alexander McGregor went through a "particularly ferocious noise band's 20th minute of electro-feedback barrage". It then became an objective for McGregor to build music that was contrasting to this tremendous sense of cacophony. Together with his sister, he formed Ponies in the Surf, as they create elegant, well-crafted, understated folk-pops of a gem; spreading warmth and joy in forms of delicate and pretty songs.

They have a newly released album called, See You Happy that is guaranteed to be well worth your time. Second track off of the record, ‘Walking In the City’ is one of their catchiest to date. Love the clever combination of multiple instruments and vocals, and how they form and flourish together in a single instance to produce one of the most glorious sounding pop pieces to have come out this year. And yes, best of all, the music of Ponies in the Surf are just sweet. Sweet, sweet, sweet……

Ponies in the Surf - Walkin in the City

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