Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Tough Alliance: First Class Riot

The Tough Alliance may be one of the most buzzed about band around, though at times it feels as though they’re being given too much credit for the music they craft. Their recent album, the 2007 A New Chance, was released to favourable reviews, bearing a similar concept through the record, that begins from the cover art, and which follows through till the opener track; those little fragments of religion-related aspects introduced in this collection, is a definite indication to how brave and daring this Swedish duo can be. Not particularly spectacular, but definitely brave.

But once you get past those, what you’re left with is an assortment of tracks that shows great promise. Vibrant little electronic pieces infused with multiple shades of twee; ‘First Class Riot’ especially sounds at once nonchalant and careless, low-pitched vocals held contrast against lively, lighthearted music with a brisk, vigorous rhythm section. Maybe the band does receive too much credit for what they do, but this song pretty much justifies everything.

|mp3| The Tough Alliance – First Class Riot

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