Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Go! Team

The music of Brighton’s group, the Go! Team, is crammed with rollicking good fun, taking samples from 70’s action theme songs, piled on with cheerleading chants, distorted punk riffs, and touches of early day hip-hop. It’s a sparkling concoction, one that reminds you of burst and splashes of bold, vivid colours across the screen, served in a dish complete with an old-school, retro vibe on the side. Their latest offering, Proof of Youth released last year, is their second release to date, whereby the first appearance into the scene, and which stole the hearts of many, was through their 2004 breakthrough debut, Thunder, Lightning Strike. I know they’re a band that gets mentioned too many a times, but in case you missed them, here are some key mp3s to try:

|mp3| The Go! Team – Grip Like a Vice
|mp3| The Go! Team – Do It Right!