Monday, May 19, 2008

Strike the Colours: Bare Legs in a Storm

Strike the Colours is essentially a solo project of Scottish singer, Jenny Reeves, whose no stranger to the Scotland music scene and has often provided her vocals and string talent in the music of other bands, including Arab Strap, Snow Patrol, and Union of Knives, just to name a few. In June 2007, the band saw the release of a 6 song mini-album, called The Face that Sunk a Thousand Ship, a collection of soporific, elegiac, sad tunes adorned with Reeves’ silvery, gauzy vocals and a spectral, folky string section. One of the album’s highlight, ‘Bare Legs In a Storm’ is otherworldly and delicate, enveloping light, melancholic, keys, laced with elusive, whispering singing, giving the tune an airy, feathery-like effect. But, it isn’t until half of the song, will it only start to unveil why it’s truly worth listening to; piano section that softly builds up to a crescendo, revolving around sagely pensive lyrics-- one that’s plaintively yet beautifully sung.
|mp3| Strike the Colours – Bare Legs In a Storm

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