Wednesday, April 23, 2008

R.I.P Mumm-Ra

Last 17th of April, the Bexhill On Sea band, Mumm-Ra, announced that their journey as a band has come to an end. My thoughts were purely somewhere along the lines of: "Oh shit! What the Hell?" This might just be the worst news about 'bands break-up' I've heard through this year.

Mumm-Ra might not stand among the greater bands that are highly praised and applauded in the blogoshere, but I personally, really, really like the band's music, even more so just the band on it's own. In their few years of venture into the music industry, they've charmed their way into the many hearts of music fans through their lovable pop jangles and sharp, witty riddles during their live gigs. The band have been rather suspiciously, quiet for awhile, so I guess I was bargaining for something like this to happen.

Nevertheless it is without a doubt, that this band will sorely be missed.