Friday, April 25, 2008

Walter the Orange Ocean: Someone Who Loves You

Meet Walter the Orange Ocean, a boston-based band that creates smartly written piano-based pop songs that’s rich with wonderful musical textures and a band’s name that's significant of sunrises and sunsets, beginnings and endings. This song entitled, “Someone Who Loves You”, was the song that had won them the Grand Prize out of hundreds of entries from around the world, in the WeAreListening International Songwriting Competition; jaggedy pianos and warm plucks of acoustic guitar, washed down with a smooth, strong tenor. Contest judges have called it a “great classic ballad”, though to me it’s a song that’s very spare and pretty, balanced off with a beautiful pop chorus-- there’s no wondering to why this song managed to win.

|mp3| Walter the Orange Ocean – Someone Who Loves You

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