Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Montag: I Have Sound

Listening to Montag is like walking through a digital forest where electronic sounds meet acoustic instruments

Reading that description to French Canadian, Montag’s music, is what really had me enamored in embarking further into the musical world that’s sustained by the electronic sculptures, of this Montreal artist that goes by the name of Antoine B├ędard. The music is a gorgeous, lush tapestry of symphonic strings and luminous electronics, weaving itself into dreamy, grandeur soundscapes. ‘I Have Sound’ beautifully blends vintage instrumentation within gauzy electronic textures, evoking music that’s indicative to the stylings of 60s pop. Bedard wonderfully demonstrates his knack for creating cinematically romantic orchestration, incorporating acoustic guitars, subtle keyboards, and intricate layers of harmonic vocals that gradually builds into a psychedelic performance.

|mp3| Montag – I Have Sound