Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Covers, B-Sides, and Rarities: The Kooks’ “Young Folks”

Although the Kooks are more hated than they are loved, the band does manage to present some nice covers of some pretty great songs. I’ve almost come to believe that the band can perform any cover they want provided that it remains within their capacity. The groggy vocals of Luke Pritchard does no wrong in this rendition of Swedish pop trio, Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Young Folks’, though I was slightly more annoyed of the vocals for the female execution part, done by one Simon Wilcox.

Here's what Pritchard had to say regarding the cover:
"Young Folks" has such a cultish element to it-- Peter Bjorn and John are just a cool, cultish band and we're all massive fans. We've tried to make it more of a rock'n'roll song, throwing a bit of doo-wop and Motown into the mix and getting a girl called Simon Wilcox to sing the Victoria Bergsman part of the song. She's amazing, people should check her out.


|mp3| The Kooks – Young Folks (Peter Bjorn and John cover)