Friday, March 21, 2008

The Slack Republic: Black and White

The Slack Republic is a band from Atlanta, Georgia formed during 2005 that creates a brew of shimmering afro-punk induced garage-rock rackets while listing a range of influences, from the likes of Jimi Hendrix to the Strokes. Having said that, the band has disbanded sometime during June last year, which all I can say to that: is that’s another loss we’ve experienced. But even so, just because the band is no longer gracing the music scene, doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the remarkable music that they’ve kindly left us with.

The band’s fronted by lead singer, M.J. Zilla or Meczilla (pictured above) and guitarist Pierre Moore who took on the role of producer for the band. Their album, Delta Strike is available for download absolutely free and better yet, legal over at their last fm page right here. So, if you’re into music that’s an amalgamation of all sorts from indie-rock to grunge, hip hop and punk, be sure to give this a listen. Here’s a taster, if you’re still not sold out on them:

|mp3| The Slack Republic - Black and White

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