Thursday, March 20, 2008

Covers, B-sides, and Rarities: Born Ruffians' "Knife"

Two of my favourite bands with one covering the other; this is more than one can bargain for. I’ve been listening to Born Ruffians for no end now; in fact I’m not in the mood to listen to anything else, except for the Born Ruffians. After giving the band’s version of Grizzly Bear’s ‘Knife’ a listen, there’s only one word that can fully sum up on what I think about their reinterpretation: Jazz-eyh…

I know, I have no clue also as to how the term even got into my vocabulary.

If you’re still wondering how it sounds, I’ll give you a couple of hints: replay the song ‘Knife’ in your head while recalling the basic qualities to Born Ruffians’ sound. Combine those two together and now hold that thought…… and that’s exactly how it sounds! It’s exactly what you’d expect if a band like Born Ruffians doing a cover of a song like Knife would sound like, and by saying that, I’m not even surprising anybody. But you should know by now, how much of a sucker I am for their music, so I’m obliged to say, “It’s a great cover! I love it!”

|mp3| Born Ruffians - Knife (Grizzly Bear cover)