Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Robbers on High Street

Robbers On High Street! Woo-Hoo!!

Riiight, what else should I add to that…

Robbers On High Street are possibly a good band to keep track off; music that’s both easy on the ears and reasonably satisfying. The band first caught my attention through their slightly garage-rock induced tune, ‘The Fatalist’, and because I’m constantly on the lookout for any potential bands that revives the glory of garage-rock, I was more than delighted to have had discovered Robbers.

But, Robbers on High Street weren’t technically a garage-rock band in itself; whilst ‘The Fatalist’ may make them sound like they came straight out of the dirty, gritty, underground New York music scene (which they are actually from-- New York that is), the rest of their collection, would make them sound like they probably could’ve come out of anywhere. Not - I can assure you - that there’s anything wrong with that. Interesting to find out that the band’s debut, Grand Animals, received personal touches by famed Gnarls Barkley record producer, Daniele Luppi, an Italian film composer and although the name doesn’t sound quite familiar, it all sounds particularly awesome.

From then on, the Luppi effect was pretty much evident in Robbers’ other music; predominantly in the cozy strums of the flamenco guitar in ‘The Phantom Walks the Halls’, generating lazed, mellow tones, and that’s so different than the aforementioned, that it might have been sung by two different, separate bands. The Robbers On High Street, are first and foremost, a power-pop band, which they finally came to terms with in the playful opener, ‘Across Your Knees’-- greeting listeners with the sounds of clinkering piano, that interchanges with deep chunky guitar hooks. On the whole, the music sounds pretty good; therefore it’s so worth a try.

|mp3| Robber On High Street - The Fatalist
|mp3| Robber On High Street - The Phantom Walks the Hall (Daytrotter Session)
|mp3| Robber On High Street - Across Your Knees

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