Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #33

I’ve always made it a point to only post up songs, particularly in this segment, that everyone would generally, potentially lean towards; but today I feel like being a little self-indulgent and post up this excellent track here by Canadian musician and artist, Chad Vangaalen.

It was only through the association of the enigmatic tune, ‘Red Hot Drops’, that I was familiar with the music of Chad Vangaalen-- well, somewhat familiar. Listening to ‘Surrounded in Smoke’, revealed a different side of Vangaalen, with guitar works that rightly resembled Joy Division’s - from the expressive opener lines, to the ripping hooks towards the end - the tune had an underlying raw, retro sound to it that instantly got me hooked. The introspective beats and imposing riffage, slowly unraveled an epical and exquisite tune-- truly a gem.

Vangaalen is also best known for his works as an illustrator and artist, brilliantly displaying it through his album artworks and animated music videos which prove to be a major benefit for an artist, especially when being able to control and express your work through two different mediums at a time. VanGaalen’s ability to communicate through works both seen and heard lends a full richness to the whole of his art that’s striking in its completeness (Sub Pop).

‘Surrounded In Smoke’ is not available on any of his albums, but was previously recorded for a Radio 3 session in 2005. But I assure you, that this track is so effingly good, that it will make you want to listen to his albums.

|mp3| Chad Vangaalen - Surrounded In Smoke

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