Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good Shoes

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again: Gosh, I love these guys. It’s the quirks, and the twists, and the turns, they incorporate into their brand of music that’s charmed and crawled its way into a part of my brain that’s especially reserved for storage of good music like this, and will no doubt stay there for quite a long time.

Good Shoes are essentially an art-rock/pop band-- at least I think so, plus the genre seems fitting, and that hails from the suburban vicinity of Morden, London. Up to these sentences, I bet you can guess what I’m about to say next: yes, the music is tremendously catchy, and are simply littered with riffs that are ear-catchingly wonderful, and that’s made to melt your heart, that is, if it doesn’t get to your brain first. I welcome whole-heartedly music that’ll instantly make me burst out into quirky dance moves. Buried under the stress and pressure of assignments, and exams, and what-not, and what-shit, this particularly proves to be the best antidote; it’s practically the only thing that’ll keep me sane in the long run!

The brilliant layering, disjointed, guitar works in ‘Sophia’ educes a radiant, effervescent feel, that’s sure to leave you synchronizing yourself to its infectious rhythm. There’s every bit of an appealing quirkiness set to the tone that’ll either make you smile or laugh out loud ("all the pretty girls are screaming, 'Take off your pants!'"). ‘Blue Eyes’ is another apparent gem; slightly slower than the latter but more focused, and that opens up to the most, charming, sparkly, guitar hooks - that are very the Cure reminiscent - that you’ll ever hear . The music of Good Shoes brims with the utmost youthful strain, paired with lyrics that blatantly delve into popular teenage angst. I’m glad to have had the opportunity of knowing these guys; hopefully you guys won’t let that opportunity go.

|mp3| Good Shoes - Sophia
|mp3| Good Shoes - Blue Eyes