Sunday, February 03, 2008

Covers, B-Sides, and Rarities: Innit?

After opening up the feed to Stereogum the other day, and found that one of the titles to the latest post had ‘Lighspeed Champion’, ‘Alex Turner’, and ‘cover’ in the same sentence, I could pretty much predict what would come after those three. It’s Lightspeed Champion and Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys-- surely it’s no huge mystery; these guys have been declaring their sheer keenness to the Strokes’ music one too many a times through the covers they keep choosing to chime out.

When all’s said and done, this a pretty good take of Strokes’ ‘Reptilia’, but then again, I’ve yet to see someone severely screw up a Strokes song. Here’s what Stereogum thinks:

Damn good we say. They should put out an Is This It tribute album and call it Innit?

Innit?? HAHAHAHAHA, nice one. Though do keep in mind, that chief-of-Strokes, Julian Casablancas might be fucking flirritated by all of it.

Stereogum’s statement on Alex Turner doing a ‘pretty good Julian Casablancas’? Yeah but then, who couldn’t? Nuff said. Although, it’s good to know that he and I do share a same liking, and that people who makes good music, draws their inspiration by listening to some (according to me) damn good music too. So, here’s saying to Alex Turner, let’s hook up and spend time discussing on how hot Julian is-- I mean the music is. How hot the music is. Dayum!

Another singer to include in that Is This It tribute, is this 19 year old, lovely, lass, Adele with her own interpretation of ‘Last Nite’. Adele has been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen with a voice, to me that is, that resembles Kate Nash. Knowing Adele, you’d presume she’d make a complete turn around to the song, converting the rock elements to smooth sounds of jazz. But, ‘Last Nite’ still stays true to its rudiments; sounding like someone just pushed Julian off the stage, and asked Adele to take over. Now, I know another, more suitable way to sing this song, highly likable!

|mp3| Adele - Last Nite (Strokes cover)

Also, don’t forget to check out Adele’s other tunes, particularly this and this. No mp3s for those though, because the label seriously insists that you buy her new album, 19, and I seriously agree that the album is indeed worth buying.