Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cavil At Rest: Who's There

I welcome any song that resembles music by any of my favourite bands. Cavil at Rest’s ‘Who’s There’ won me over, just as the catchy, staccato, hooks opened up to the infectious, well-formed refrain. The similarity was instantly audible with another band that I admire, Fields (not to be confused with The Field) to one of their many fine assortment of tracks. And due to that, it was no hard feat to instantly relate to its angular riffs and interposing synthesizers-- the familiarity of the sound helped quite a lot in inciting a whim to want to know the voices and instrument sound makers behind the music.

Cavil at Rest are a fivesome from Southern California that appeals to me no different than the multitude of indie pop rock bands strewn at all parts of well, particularly the States (I unashamedly admit that I like Brit-rock more). And though bands such as these don’t necessarily reserve a special place in my heart, but when it comes to Cavil at Rest, I’m willing to take an inch of a step further to see how far the positive impression could go.

The band are still unsigned, but on the other hand, have already a published book under their belt, containing artwork, photos, writings, and suchlike. I personally admire a band or an artist that’s absolutely clear-cut and precise on the visual representation that’s to be associated with their music. Cavil at Rest, I believe are one of those bands, and once the right combination is able to create the exact effect of audio-visual delight, is when the magic starts to take shape.

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