Saturday, February 16, 2008

We All Have Hooks for Hands: Hold On, C'mon

We All Have Hooks for Hands are made up of nine guys and create happy, colorful, razzle-dazzle, eperimental folk pop chops that’s meant to lighten up your day. The band makes quintessential indie music to me: some won’t get the quirkiness about it, but dig deeper, it’s nothing but pure fun to listen to. Of course when I say ‘quintessential indie’, I’m not solely referring to this band. A lot of the other music I’ve written on previously is mostly quintessential indie; whimsical, eccentric, inaccessible but are still good music nonetheless.

If you’re wondering how the music of this band from Sioux Falls sounds like, then look no further, because it’s exactly what you’d expect nine guys who get together and create opulent, lush, vivid pop tunes would sound like. ‘Hold On, C’mon’ seems like one massive party, and that could slightly find it self falling into orchestra terrains. There’s a somewhat Oriental feel to the intro that immediately stands out, and once the clamorous collective singing of the band starts to kick in to chorus, it lures and drags you to sing along with it. It’s an energetic combination of lively clatters, subtle keys, pulsating riffs, and the occasional trumpets. Sounds like a lot to handle, but above all, it sounds like a whole lot of fun.

|mp3| We All Have Hooks for Hands - Hold On, C’mon

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