Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Video: Radiohead - All I Need (Scotch Mist version)

Ever since the film Scotch Mist (a film with Radiohead in it) was featured on YouTube, and after huge amounts of time spent watching them perform each song from their new album, it triggered me to fall under the spell of In Rainbows all over again. So, currently there’s waaay too much Radiohead floating around in my head right now, but that’s fine, because there exist no such thing as waaay too much Radiohead.

Of all the songs, the Scotch Mist version of ‘All I Need’ was the most impressive. The song in itself was beautiful and was one of the centerpieces of this album, but this version catapults itself into some place nowhere close to ordinary. I particularly love how the intro sounds like an ode to Sigur Ros and how it bears a huge resemblance to Sigur’s music circa ( ). The video is no less great in comparison; who would’ve thought watching Thom Yorke getting lost in his own music, would make this song an even more enjoyable listen.

You can tell he had one of those "We're fucking awesome" Moments. You can tell he really loves his own music just as much as we do.

Radiohead - All I Need (Scotch Mist version)