Friday, January 11, 2008

Sofia Talvik

I look at the Swedish-born songstress, Sofia Talvik and I think, gosh, she’s too pretty to become a singer. Isn’t there a limit to how pretty a singer/song-writer can be? We all know the Russian allure of Regina Spektor, and the graceful beauty of Annie Clark from St. Vincent. But, Sofia Talvik reminds me of the blondes in teen-flick, Laguna Beach. Surely, that can’t be anything wrong with that, can it?

Sweden is strewn with the utmost talented solo female musicians, and Sofia Talvik is one of the many that has recently caught my attention. ‘Street of Dreams’ is filled with a sense of purity and delicateness that’s sure to leave you with an indelible impression. I find that at the beginning, Talvik’s vocals almost resembles Spektor’s, but as we move deeper into the music, and as she hits a higher note, it becomes easier to confirm that the song is of course Talvik’s own. The tune is nicely layered with Talvik’s soft, airy vocals, and gentle, melodic acoustic guitar while elegantly complemented by piano lines. On a brighter note, ‘Blåa linjen hem’ is placed a bit on the quirky side and for certain will leave you wanting to know how to speak Swedish. The music sounds sweet and charming though executed off-handedly, but still managing to emanate three minutes of loveliness.

|mp3| Sofia Talvik - Street of Dreams
|mp3| Sofia Talvik - Blåa linjen hem