Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Feeling: Rosé

I’ve never seen so much disapproval for a band. Here’s a snippet of a review by Dom Gourlay from Drowned in Sound.

It's about the fact that this record is devoid of any passion, emotion, decadence, stimulation, variation or indeed anything other than a short term cash cow for its parent company. To call this 'project' - because that's basically all these five individuals are - The Feeling is a contradiction in itself, as there is no feeling that can be associated with this album other than one of pure despair, whether that be with its orchestrators or the record buying public themselves who've bought into the whole concept.

It’s hard to believe a band can be so bad, with the amount of success they’ve achieved. Then again-- maybe not. Do I really think the Feeling is truly that bad? No. But, are they really that good either? Errr…, no. I remembered watching them perform at the concert for Diana in 2007, and I remembered I wasn’t particularly blown away by their performance. ‘Love it When You Call’ was an okay tune, but it was nothing but forgettable and average. But all’s not lost, don’t despair; here’s a song that’s at least above average, because there’s really no point in discriminating a tune, just because it was sung by the Feeling (right??). Music is still music, regardless; when it’s ripped off all the tags and title, the band’s exterior, the genre labeling and everything that comes along in the package, we’re really left with nothing else but the music.

Rosé is tender, heart-pouring ballad backed up by a single piano line that gradually builds but doesn't overdo it, while impressively reigning in at the end (

|mp3| The Feeling - Rosé

The Feeling will be releasing their latest record, Join With Us, that’s slated to be released this 11th February.

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