Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Pick of the Week: Eisley - Golly Sandra

Eisley were one of the many bands, that released their full-length album last year, but didn’t evoke as much attention and recognition as it could. So, it wasn’t the best among the best, but it also wasn’t the worst out of the bunch either. These guys started out young, but the music portrays a level of maturity way beyond their years. First inspired to make music from a certain British band that goes by the name of Radiohead, they were set to conquer the sonic dominion with their ethereal and charming pop wonders. Although the Radiohead-like impression is hardly ever evident, the music depicted still has a mix of old and new, as well as amiable and inaccessible.

Through out their whole career, and collection of songs, the workmanship has always maintained on the same line; vocals are generally more forefront in tunes, compared to the manipulation of the assortment of instruments employed to make up the background music. Songs are generally built on soaring vocals and dynamic sweeping range, while also being used as instruments to great effects. There’s possibly no other band that makes music sound as graceful yet as elusive as this, well at least no one has the smooth honeyed vocals like the DuPree sisters do.

And as for the song, the polaroid pictures says it all. I love the sunny, beachy vacation feel it has to it, definitely one of the group’s best works, that’s taken off their 2005 record, Room Noises. To get a taste of your own, right-click, save as.

|mp3| Eisley - Golly Sandra

p/s: Eisley have also just released an EP called Like the Actors following their album late last year. Click here to purchase it.

Photo by Grant Hamilton. Go to his site»