Monday, January 21, 2008


Hard to believe how rare you’ve heard of this band due to the amazingly catchy guitar themed music they’ve brought into the scene. I’m telling you, I had doubts at first to listen to a band that calls themselves Polytechnic, a name that’s only very often associated with the academic setting; proven in how difficult it is to for Google to come up with the right hits. But, all doubts aside, the music is incredibly upbeat and buoyant, garnished with enthusiastic vocals that bellows out the words to the lyrics but that doesn’t neccesarily go over the top.

This band that’s formerly known as the Conversation (before changing to Polytechnic), as well as also being formerly based in Manchester first received its growing recognition through the endorsement of UK DJ, Steve Lamacq as well as finding it’s a way into a support slot for a band called the Strokes-- I can’t really tell what that means, but I have a feeling it could only mean that more good things are about to come their way. There is nothing more that I can provide for both of these two tracks, except for my truest, most loyal affection; ‘Cold Hearted Business’ and ‘Won’t You Come Around’, in my opinion, are the main two highlights of their latest collective piece, Down Till Dawn. Music that reverberates with exciting vigor, and infectious pop ricochets that’s reflected in the twangy guitar lines as well as in the combined “OOh--OOh..” that’s introduced at different parts of the song. These are tunes I simply can’t say no to-- it probably isn’t the best music you’ve ever heard, but there’s no denying, it’ll find no hard time in trying to stand out among the seas and throngs of already established musicians.

|mp3| Polytechnic - Cold Hearted Business
|mp3| Polytechnic - Won’t You Come Around