Friday, January 04, 2008

Lavender Diamond: Open Your Heart

I’m usually, only familiar with the music that explores into the forays of despair and misery-- because depression as it turns out, is able to churn out inspirations to produce beautiful, engaging songs. Trying to sum up Lavender Diamond’s music would be to say; that they extract their inspirations from exactly the opposite. There’s a lullaby-esque, child-like sound to them, that’s both endearing and precious; ‘Open Your Heart’ for instance is light-hearted, incredibly pleasant, and beaming with the utmost postitve energy. The song sounds well, happy; in fact too happy that as I write this, you’ll start feeling skeptical by the minute. Upon hearing this song for the first time, not a flinch or any excitement could be stirred up inside of me. But, after a while, by just allowing the track to play all by itself amidst surrounded by other tunes, it finally began to ease in on me and I willingly followed lead singer Becky Stark’s vocals while she guides the way (Oh, oh, oh, oh oh…) .

|mp3| Lavender Diamond - Open Your Heart

Lavender Diamond, as evident in their band name, is as every bit as effervescent as it is charmingly pleasing to your ear buds. ‘Open Your Heart’ is that pure, vibrant, pop song you do injustice by paying no less attention to; you’ll listen to it and think, there’s nothing to love about it. But listen to it a little closer (and a bit more), and realize there’s also nothing to hate. I suggest taking a listen, and letting the music of Lavender Diamond sonically dominate a fraction of your time.

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