Saturday, January 05, 2008

Covers, B-sides, and Rarities: Lightspeed Champions’ “Heart in a Cage”

It took a while for me to realize-- that this Heart in a Cage is actually referring to the Strokes song! Well, at least someone thinks it’s good enough to be made into a cover (joking…). Lightspeed Champion is made up of one ex-Test Icicle member, Devonte Hynes and I’m not quite familiar with neither the band Test Icicles nor Lightspeed Champion, nor the music itself, but what’s for certain, is Hyens couldn’t have done a more stupendous job in this Strokes remake. The guitar chords and arrangements, though different, sound incredibly well suited with the music, and Hynes vocals definitely proves to be more melodious than Casablancas. For once, I don’t seem to hate it as much as I dislike the original; yes, ‘Heart in a Cage’ is my least favorite track in that record.

Lightspeed Champion confirms itself to be a very promising band-- will definitely look more into this guy.

|mp3| Lighspeed Champion - Heart In a Cage (Strokes cover)