Thursday, December 13, 2007

Video: Beirut – Nantes (Take-Away Show)

This video reminds me of what really drew me to Beirut’s music in the first place: the melancholic beauties in the melodies, swept over lightly with sounds of cinematic romanticism. Okay, so some words were literally hand-picked out of Filter’s review for the record (don’t hurt me), but it’s very similar to what I feel-- honest, and no other words could better describe it. A very nice, simple, inspiring video, and utilizing trash cans to work as drum parts for the song, is really clever. Zach’s voice sounds exceedingly and surprisingly nice in this, there are even glimpses of maturity as oppose to how he would normally appear: like a 16 year old. Oh, and have you heard, he won 3rd place in the Mr Indie Rock category, dedicated to the Indie Rock Hotties, in the 2007 Gummy Awards - huh, definitely did not see that one coming.

Beirut’s music is the perfect companion for the rainy day blues, although, as of right now, the rain seems to have gone considerably down. Nonetheless, I’m going through a bit of a Beirut binge due to this. I suggest, perhaps you should too? Here’s a good one to start with.

|mp3| Beirut – Venice

For Nantes mp3, click here.