Thursday, December 06, 2007

Video: Albert Hammond Jr. - Call an Ambulance

To not let the weirdness of yesterday get to our heads, or should I say, ahem, your heads, I’d just like to inform, that I just finished well-- editing a video for one of Albert Hammond Jr’s song, ‘Call an Ambulance’. Footages are taken entirely from this particular video, and those who’ve watched it till the end, must’ve had the utmost patience and endurance, that any normal human being could muster up. Kudos to you!

It’s just simple, basic video editing that anyone can do, so a lot of people say, but-- did you? Well, I know I did, and I enjoyed making it. This video is evidently the unofficial video for the song, but by all means; do mistake it as the official because that would mean a lot to me, and my ego – that frail entity called ‘my ego’.

For mp3, click here.

**The original video is dark and low in quality, hence after editing, it becomes even darker and lower in quality. Plus, after it’s gone through the whole process of being uploaded to YouTube, the video has almost resulted to a video of 5 obscure and unidentifiable faces. Therefore, for better viewing, download video by clicking here.