Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blonde Redhead

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in fully describing the music of avant rock trio, Blonde Redhead, but songs from their latest album, 23 have certainly caught my attention as well as many other music fans alike. The New York band is essentially made up of Kazu Makino and Italian twins, Simone and Amadeo Pace, and to not acknowledge their music is just plain wrong. The attraction lies simply in the uniqueness of their craftsmanship, I wouldn’t be exact to know how much their music has come across and gone through a metamorphosis since they first started in 1993, but one thing’s for sure is that music of these kinds, are not meant to be overlooked.

One thing in common that you’ll immediately notice in both of these two songs is Kazu Makino’s ’ high, eerie voice, which hovers over melodic guitar riffs and clockwork drum beats’. Both of these two songs carry a different set of mood and vibe, but are equally superb in its own right. ‘23’ is definitely more dramatic, cinematic, and possesses all imposing sounds of the shoegaze genre. The music is naturally brooding and haunting at the first listen, but once you let the music sink in, you’ll soon identify with what makes it a great song. ‘Silently’ is that track that automatically finds itself under the category of the expression-that-is-oh-so-often-used-here-at-DBaC, ‘music that’s not hard to like’, and the reason for this is because it boasts a certain familiarity; ‘thrumming dance hall beat and wonderfully varied harmonic progression’.

|mp3| Blonde Redhead – 23
|mp3| Blonde Redhead – Silently

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