Monday, December 17, 2007


Sia Kate Isobelle Furler or better known as just Sia (pronounced See-ah) is a truly great artist; well at least, I personally think so. I was first won over through the track ‘Pictures’-- which sounds like your basic, average, everyday pop song but with a whimsical twist. There’s an underlying tone that carries a cynical expression: you try to play it cool / but you're filled with fear, and sung in a blasé manner, while backed up with a catchy arrangement. It’s a charming pop number; I can’t fully explain why I really like it.

Others would better recognize her through the song, ‘Breathe Me’, which has appeared in HBO hit series, Six Feet Under. The song struck a familiarity chord on me too, but definitely not through Six Feet Under, because I’ve hardly ever seen the show. Sia will be releasing her third proper full-length LP called, some people have REAL problems, (cool title for an album) on the 8th of January next year. Here are two songs from that up and coming record: ‘Electric Birds’, which is a melancholic piece, conventional piano pop sung in a great voice (Stereogum) while highlighted with the sounds of brass instruments, and ‘Button’s’ which is pure upbeat 80’s fun, equipped with a really eccentric video that features prophylactics and pantyhoses. You’ll get such a thrill listening to her-- no doubt about that.

From Lady Croissant:

|mp3| Sia – Pictures
|mp3| Sia - I Go to Sleep

From Colour the Small One:

|mp3| Sia – Breathe Me

From Some People Have REAL Problems:

Sia – Electric Bird
|mp3| Sia – Buttons (Bonus Track)

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