Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mad River: Down By the River

I can’t believe that it could’ve slipped my mind; amidst all the Christmas talks, and everyone’s anticipation due to it, that we here, are also celebrating a different kind of holiday. I was totally distracted by people’s stories about the Christmas spirit, and finishing up their Christmas shopping, and comics about elves figuring out how to build an iPod, that I completely forgot about our celebration. Of course no shopping for gifts or elves are involved, therefore there were no errands to be done, but I definitely shouldn’t allow myself to get distracted like this; fascinated, maybe but distracted-- definitely not.

This here is the band Mad River; the Parisian trio that’s well known for their folk-punk infused hits. Searching information of the band is no less easy, because every other review that I found concerning the band was in French, and in case you may not notice, my French is terrible, meaning-- I don’t speak French at all. That’s when the best thing to do is to just let the music do the talking. ‘Down by the River’, is a cheery, chirpy, poppy, ditty by the band; layering sharp guitar strum and clockwork drumbeats with additional highlights of sounds from the organ, it’s a blend that doesn’t make the song any less interesting then others.

|mp3| Mad River – Down By the River