Monday, December 10, 2007

Lucky Soul

Wow, the pouring weather lately; it almost feels like it’s been raining since forever. I love the rain; but it puts you in a cheerless, downcast mood, especially if you’re already in a cheerless, downcast mood. It makes things seem a lot gloomier than it already is, but I love the rain, so no complaints.

Lucky Soul’s music is such a contrast to the weather that’s going round these couple of weeks. The tunes that they conjure are the ones that make you want to stand up and dance and be perky. They relive the effervescent, sparkling 60s twee pop in their music and catchy rhythms, somewhat like the band Camera Obscura but with more charm and appeal. Lucky Soul are an indie pop sextet from Greenwich, South East London and the hullabaloo surrounding the band initially was hard for me to get by. The trick with Lucky Soul was, you had to listen to the right songs to be completely enraptured by them and these are the ones that really worked for me. Bouncy guitar lines trodden with lively drum patterns, while overlaid with lead singer’s sophisticated, honeyed vocals creates the perfect concoction to lighten up the mood on gloomy rainy days. You've got to give it a try.

Both tracks are available on band’s debut, The Great Unwanted.

|mp3| Lucky Soul – Add Your Light to Mine, Baby
|mp3| Lucky Soul – Lips are Unhappy

Don't forget to watch videos for both songs, here and here »