Sunday, December 09, 2007

Covers, B-Sides, and Rarities: The Strokes (Pt. 4)

‘Under Control’ is by no means, a rarity; it’s one of their best songs from the sophomore record, Room on Fire. But when another artist is introduced to perform a duet of the song, I find it quite rare, for the reason that it’s not often that you’ll find or rather, I’ll find the band ever doing an impromptu collaboration with just any other artist. But of course Har Mar Superstar is not just any other artist-- actually I don’t know who the heck Har Mar Superstar is, and Wikipedia offered only too little information, so all I know is that he’s a recording artist who performs RnB tunes while also being best known for his raunchy antics or dances on stage, plus he’s also opened shows for both the Strokes and Incubus. Fabrizio Moretti is currently joining him, serving his talents in Har Mar’s rhythm section.

It isn’t the best collaboration I’ve ever heard, but it’ll just be fun to give it a try anyways.

|mp3| The Strokes – Under Control (with Har Mar Superstar)

Elsewhere, but in something completely relevant; Pitchfork recently caught up with Albert Hammond Jr. to get the latest scoop on the new LP and-- yes you’ve guessed it, the Strokes.

Here’s a little snippet to let you in on what awaits you in the interview.
Pitchfork: So of course, I've gotta ask: What's the status of the next Strokes album?

AHJ: No idea, man.

For full, click here.