Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #27

There’s something about the music of Iron and Wine that’s deeply comforting and soothing, and wonderful that I keep tumbling over and over it again and again. I love returning to the sounds of mellowness and music that’s fit to be played quietly in your room during a rainy day-- there’s absolutely no better way to relax after a ‘hard day’s night’ than that.

If you’re looking for exactly that type of music, than I suggest this new track by Iron and Wine, called ‘Innocent Bones’, taken off his latest, Shepherd’s Dog which was released last September. One thing that I’ve always adored about the music that’s written by Sam Beam, who is the brain-child behind Iron and Wine, is the swaying, swirling, dream-like flow, Beam’s whispery, hazy vocal, and the gentle acoustic strums that's able to draw you in. There’s a banjo part which drifts through in the middle and towards the end that generates warmth and completes the whole array of a beautiful display that Beam has so intricately arranged. The music is heavenly; I have no idea how anyone is able to not fall under its spell. The album is worth a mention too, where many have claimed it to be one of Iron and Wine’s best yet.

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