Friday, December 07, 2007

Butterfly Boucher: Bitter Song

What?! Another song featured here that’s been played on Grey’s Anatomy? This is purely a coincidence, it must be. Unless, the person who’s responsible to choose the music theme for the ever-so-popular drama series, shares the same music interest as I do, yikes, can it get any worse than this? I don’t hate Grey’s Anatomy, but I don’t really follow it either so-- yeah.

‘Bitter Song’ is entirely handcrafted by Australian singer song-writer, Butterfly Boucher, which as it turns out, is her real actual name, I mean who would’ve thought. ‘Bitter Song’ is to be released in her upcoming second album, tentatively called Scary Fragile which is scheduled to be released somewhere around 2007. Last time I checked, Scary Fragile was the working title and has yet to confirm a release date, and recently I checked again, to find that Scary Fragile is still the working title and is showing no signs of any release date, plus it’s almost the end of the year, so who knows.

The track displays every bit of a truly engaging music; Boucher’s restful, lucid vocals is only accompanied by key strokes of the tinkering piano, that often echoes in the glimpse of utter stillness. It’s only one song, but this one song is able to provide you with a good enough reason to watch out for that soon to be released record.

|mp3| Butterfly Boucher – Bitter Song

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