Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Money Mark: Pick up the Pieces

Although some songs that I choose may come off a little odd (like dude…, seriously?) and might catch you off-guard, I also do love songs that put you in a cheery mood and that has a good set of catchiness to it, and I’m not referring to Britney Spears’ ‘Gimme More’. What I am referring to is ‘Pick Up the Pieces’ by Money Mark. Money Mark is made up of one man keyboardist, Mark Ramos-Nishita who has collaborated countless times with hip-hop musical group, the Beastie Boys. He’s now signed to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, and has released an album called Brand New by Tomorrow, under the label.

The song in itself, makes up for a tremendous listen, while inserted with singing parts contributed by Jack Johnson himself. Uplifting resonating keyboard sounds interweaves through the soulful pop tune; I can’t help but think to myself - the perfect companion during a walk in the city, on a bright sunny day.

|mp3| Money Mark – Pick up the Pieces

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