Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #24

Good thing about being a female, or girl, or woman, etc, is that you can say, “And I respect what Norah Jones does—“, without the need to add, “—God, I’m such a fag”, at the back. Music by the London based duo, Psapp shouldn’t be new to some, especially to the huge viewers of the drama series, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. The song that chimes in as soon as the intro kicks in is made by none other than yours truly, so mystery solved – mystery so solved.

I personally think there’s no need to add a validation, when admitting that you do like music crafted by Psapp, albeit they’re also known as the inventors of toytronica; and just what the hell is toytronica, I hear you ask? It’s electronica music that incorporates sounds that are made by toys or toy instruments. Some of which the bands have used are such as, a toy guitar, toy flute and a chicken they named Brunhilda. Using a chicken to produce sounds in order to create music is beyond me, but I guess that’s not up to me to figure out.

‘Tricycle’ is no oddball in their extensive arrays of pop gems; it’s truly gotten me mesmerized. The sweet, subtle melodies is reassuring, you’d hardly notice it’s made up of toy instruments, unless earlier notified. The indistinguishable sounds add a unique flair with tinkering noises that echoes from a distance makes it all the more incredibly endearing. I love the music, because it’s so restrained, that it needs that little bit of your attention for you to really notice its merit.

Psapp – Tricycle

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