Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's New

If you’re a regular to this site, you’ve probably noticed some slight differences in the blog’s layout. Nothing major though, I just changed the width so columns are wider hence I can post up bigger pictures, compared to the largest width permitted by blogger which is a minute 400px wide. Pictures need to be big I think, so that it pops out at the readers and stays in their head for as long as possible.

I’ve also updated the links section which comprises links to sites which I think is just plain awesome and revolves around all things I love; from design (itsnicethat) and illustration (blogarians, drawn!) to photography (photojunkie, obiettivamente) and music (iguessimfloating, skatterbrain). For easy maneuvering around the site, I’ve finally inserted a proper Google search box plus I've also installed a contact form for easier 'contacting'. Best news of all is that this blog is finally RSS valid which means that you can now easily subscribe to my feed, and I can at last sleep soundly during the night once again.

Just so you know, links to all mp3s are still up and available for your downloading pleasure (yes, even the old ones) but if somehow you still face any problems, just send me a message by clicking here.


At last, after all the hullabaloo on myriads of music festivals I’ve heard in the past months, Malaysia will also be holding its very own 10 day music festival right here, no less in conjunction with the ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2007’. The performers they've got lined up are – well, not to be so excited about, unless you love I dunno, Dionne Warwick (??) or Whitney Houston (????!). I know it sounds like a concert reserved for the older generation, but hey if Whitney’s music is what fits your jangle, then by all means, go ahead and love her. It all sounds mighty grand, but mighty grand may not just be what I was looking for. Guess all the other artists are just busy touring, promoting, recording, writing or just plain nothing, that they couldn’t even fit ‘us’ in their schedule. That’s fine; anyway I heard James Morrison will also be coming - at least that’s something worth looking forward to.

For details on tickets, venue, date and suchlike – click here.