Monday, October 08, 2007

The Little Ones

This is like repeating exactly what Pitchfork Media had previously stated about the indie-pop band, the Little Ones, but a good expression is worth repeating twice if not a hundred times; the band themselves have claimed their music to sound like "tiki shacks, lobster, thought bubbles, winks, juggling, laughter, games of laser tag, chocolate, burritos and smiles,” Well, stuff me in a ball of cuteness and roll me down the hill – that’s just pretty darn adorable!

It would only make sense to say that these Californians superbly crafts cheery, carefree, pleasant pop ditties that sometimes does bring you to mind of lobsters, burritos and juggling. Heart-warming tunes driven with pure exuberance; its pop numbers like these that’ll surely get your feet shuffling in a matter of milliseconds. Their six song EP aptly titled, Sing Song has in store an experience that's akin to devouring treats made up of buttery, creamy, sugary-filled goodness stacked in a carefully wrapped box, each one better than the previous. Mmmm…, lip-smackingly good.

I love how each song provides a different, unique experience of its own. ‘Oh! MJ’ may compare as a lackluster to the rest of the bunch, but a few seconds in, you start swaying along to the Motown backbeats and become engaged by the guitar riffs that gradually comes into picture, layering on top of another, lingering along till the end of the 5th minute of the song. ‘Lovers Who Uncover’ fizzes over with rhythmic pulses, full-bodied handclaps and brief avid shouts while ‘Face the Facts’ is sure to move you while encasing melodies strewn with strong catchy scents and words that sounds so smooth, you feel like singing along.

You’re not saving the song? What the hell - don’t you like chocolate donuts?

|mp3| The Little Ones – Oh! MJ
|mp3| The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover
|mp3| The Little Ones – Face the Facts

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