Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good #18

I’m still contemplating on whether or not to post up Rooney’s ‘When Did Your Heart Go Missing’, in fact as I’m writing this post, while uploading the song thus consequently placing up the link, I’ve yet to come to an ultimate decision.

The song hems in a summer-pop fun feel that can do no wrong which makes it such a delight to listen to. But, lead singer’s, Robert Carmine’s vocals drags in a cocky swagger that irritates to the point that it reminds you of the cocky style that is Maroon 5. No offense, but I only reserve the deepest hatred I could muster for a band such as Maroon 5; it’s not that their music is so bad, it’s just that I can’t stand watching Adam Levine and his ‘full-of-himself’ ways.

So, just what makes Rooney a whole lot different if not better? Nothing much really, but consider the fact that Robert Carmine’s related to famous film director, Francis Ford Coppola while dismissing the other fact that he use to star in a popular teen-flick movie, The Princess Diaries, it might just bring the band’s cool factor up a notch. Quite a surprise though, to discover that the band doesn’t get as much publicity as they should although here, 8TV has been using the track as the background music to their monthly program highlights and you’ve got to hand it to those guys, they sure know how to spot a diamond in the rough.

‘When Did You Heart Go Missing?’ is equal parts 70’s retro swings and equal parts energetic pop catchiness. Drenched in a sunny West Coast feel with impeccably formed sun-kissed melodies that’s suitably fitted for your Californian themed summertime bliss. When stripped down to its very basic, it’s just catchy, fun music – so, what’s not to like?

Rooney – When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

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