Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Release: The Cloud Room – Please Don’t Almost Kill Me

Once again, the Cloud Room have proven themselves worthy of more than a band that’s only capable of constructing soaring one hit wonders. Previously well known for their magnificent track, ‘Hey Now Now’ that you’ve provably listened to a million times in that Pespi ad, they’ve now recently just came out with a brand new 4 song EP called Please Don’t Almost Kill Me last 18th of September.

I admit that I’m not quite familiar with their music except the obvious ones, but I’m always open for more from this band. Some highlights off the EP (as simply pointed out by Stereogum) includes the lazy drags and drowsy swings of '24 Hr. Heartbreak’ and the equally entrancing power pop number, ‘La La Losing’ that’ll get you musing over their previous big hit tune; the ever popular soundtrack to the ever popular soft drink .

|mp3| The Cloud Room – La La Losing (Super Highly Recommended)
|mp3| The Cloud Room – 24 Hr. Heartbreak

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