Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Would Happen If…?

Retouched portraits for COLORS magazine, no. 4 (John Paul II, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elizabeth II, Spike Lee) assembled under the title What Would Happen If…?1993; the issue is devoted to racial differences.

Above is one of the finest pieces of conceptual art in the history of editorial design. Controversial no less, but due to its flawless execution, it’s also able to leave a deep and lasting impression on anyone’s mind; the sign of a great masterpiece.

I won’t be around for a couple of days which could mount up to a week for the reason that I am in a rather ‘festive mood’ in welcoming a somewhat ‘festive season’ and suchlike. As far as the postings are concerned, it will be backed up by a certain music aficionado by the name of a certain ‘Mr. Coconut’, so no worries there, and a huge thanks also to those who’ve supported this site since the past, your interest in all things ‘coconut’ is much appreciated. Keep on supporting and don’t forget to spread the love by spreading the word.

I guess that’s it then, see you in a week’s time.